European roulette wheel – an online game for the riskiest players

European roulette wheel – an interesting kind of online game

Today, there are several dozen types of roulette games that have their own rules. But not everyone found their popularity among fans of gambling. One of the most popular types is the European roulette wheel.

The main features of European roulette online

What is the difference between an American roulette wheel and a European roulette wheel? The rules of the game in the both variations are similar, with some exceptions. For example, the USA wheel is divided into 38 sectors, including the cell zero (0) and double zero (double zero – 00), while the European one has 37 sectors, including only one zero (0). In addition, European type has the following features:

  1. It has only two cell colors: black and red.
  2. Bets are determined by the rules vs an American type and may be internal or external (a bet on one of the numbers and a bet on an additional field, respectively). In addition, bets are divided into ten types, which differ in the number of winning numbers. If the gambler bets on a specific number, then he will receive a win, 35 times the original amount.
  3. Many combinations enable the player to only double the winnings. For example, if the bid is external, that is, its layout will be on an additional field (side), and not on the main one.

When choosing a color, black or red, there is a 48.6% chance that the ball will stop at the selected color. If the ball stops at the “zero” sector, then all bets will automatically become a casino income.

Playing roulette European wheel online is not only fun, but also quite profitable. Thousands of people have already appreciated all the benefits of such a solution.

Best slots for an exciting game in European roulette wheel

Below is a list of the best slot machines where you can enjoy European variation online:

  • “European Roulette” by Belatra. The player is invited to make bets using chips on the main game screen, as well as on the sector for oral bets. After that, the player starts the rotation of the roulette, after the winning number falls out, the total number of credits that will be credited to the player is determined;
  • “European Roulette” by NetEnt. The official percentage of return of bets is 97.3% and is one of the highest win rates. This roulette European wheel has a high-quality performance. The playing field is made very convenient – there is nothing superfluous, but there is everything necessary for a comfortable game;
  • “European Roulette Gold” by Microgaming. Gamers will appreciate both the design of the game, its solution in terms of graphics, animation and sound, as well as a wide range of bets, opportunities in terms of wins.

For many years, European Roulette has earned enviable popularity in gambling establishments in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and other capitals of the casino industry. A decent, high-quality game that will help you spend time with pleasure and earn good wins.

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