Roulette wheel game features that the player must know

Roulette wheel game features

If we are talking about European roulette, then it is certainly worth mentioning that players, as a rule, choose this version of the game consciously, because they know in advance about the existence of some special rules in other versions of roulette, presented, for example, in online casinos. Just for every kind of game there are fans. Speaking about European roulette and its fans, it is worth saying that, as a rule, these are players who do not want to waste time again on mastering the complex rules of other versions of roulette.

Accordingly, in European roulette you simply select the numbers or groups of numbers you want to bet on, and then the croupier launches the wheel with the ball, and the player simply expects when the wheel stops and the ball hits one sector or another.

Roulette sequence the player needs to know

As in any other roulette, the American roulette wheel is divided into cells, the number of which is 38, which is one more than in the European version of the game. Each cell is numbered in accordance with a certain sequence that was once long ago calculated to create a balance at face value and parity-oddness.

The beginning of the sequence looks like this: 0, 2, 14, 35, 23. All cells except two zero ones are painted strictly alternately in red and black. Zero and Double Zero slots are green.

American roulette wheel features

The game is played by a dealer or croupier, as it is commonly called in European or French roulettes. The croupier launches the roulette wheel and throws not the ball into its rim, which must rotate in the opposite direction to the roulette wheel.

While the ball is spinning, players make their bets by placing chips on certain sectors of the playing field. As soon as the ball starts to slow down, the croupier announces that bets have been placed and will no longer be accepted. American roulette wheel has its own distinctive features that a player should know.

European roulette wheel and its features

Maybe you have already happened to meet such a game of chance as European roulette. It is worth noting that this particular version of the popular game, presented in many gambling establishments, is the most popular among players. Of course, no one says that all without looking back, they play games for free about European roulette, with the existence of other versions of it.

Nevertheless, it so happened that players do not miss the opportunity to play this particular kind of game, considering it, apparently, the easiest in terms of mastering its rules. And here we dwell on an explanation of what, in fact, we are talking about when they talk about European roulette, which is currently presented in many online casinos. European roulette wheel today is very popular with many players who use a variety of game strategies. The player must study the Roulette wheel numbers before starting the game in order to prevent mistakes when using a certain game strategy.

Roulette wheel layout

Over time, the roulette acquired the zero sector from the owners of gambling establishments, and began to possess the rules that it has now. Speaking about the zero sector, it is worth noting that the European version of this game contains 37 sectors, one of which is the zero sector, and all the rest are ordinary numbers where players can bet, as well as the zero sector.

Vector image SVG allows you to visually consider the features of the arrangement of numbers on roulette and use the selected game strategy to increase the chances of winning.

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